Our Purpose

We create relationships between entrepreneurs and their children that are deeper and more meaningful than they ever thought possible.

We live in a time when the power of a parent in shaping their child’s most abundant and happy future has never been more important - and the need to do so is unprecedented

We live in a world where our childrens' social interaction skills have been minimized to 140 characters, education has been reduced to the cow herding auto-pilot philosophy, and most children find it difficult to consider a future past the next gaming level.

There has never been a better opportunity for entrepreneurial parents from diverse fields and family situations to share ideas, experience, learn and grow together.

  • We Believe: There is nothing more important than the relationships we create in our life.
  • We Believe: Trust between a parent and child allows for a relationship that is deeper and more meaningful than ever thought possible.
  • We Believe: A strong parent-child relationship is paramount to a child’s happiness and their ability to create and live an abundant future.
  • We Believe: A parent is responsible for and must have the tools necessary to nurture, support, and direct their child in that child’s pursuit of happiness and abundance.
  • We Believe: The future of a child is only as great and meaningful as the tools, resources and support that a parent is capable of providing.
  • We Believe: That parents provide quality experiences without the distraction of electronics.
  • We Believe: That experiential education and learning is critical in helping a child realize their best future.
  • We Believe: A child’s confidence in life comes from a powerful mindset that needs to be tested, nurtured and guided by a loving parent.
  • We Believe: Financial empowerment is taught and supported through experiential education and hands on learning from a young age.
  • We Believe: Service and contribution to the family and community build children that have a greater appreciation for life and a compassion for others.
  • We Believe: Gathering of families together creates support and camaraderie that lasts forever.