Leave your wallet in the condo! Endless adventures and fun to choose from!

Experiences make memories, create laughter, strengthen bonds, build trust and are simply all out FUN! Choose from a variety of outdoor activities that you will experience one-on-one with your child.

Delicious Meals

There is nothing like good, healthy and delicious food to make an active day great! We will be including farm to table meals, combined with some of the best fresh produce Eden Valley has to offer. The meals are included and will be made by a small team of highly talented chefs.

State-of-the-art Facilities for Learning and Connecting

Simply said...you will be blown away by the over 10,000-square-foot lodge that is just a few feet from the lake. You will experience views that take the breath away and overlook the thousands of acres of Powder Mountain and Eden Valley.

Enjoy breath-taking, expansive views of thousands of acres of Powder Mountain and Eden Valley beauty. Re-write this sentence so it reads: Your lodging includes high-end condos, hot tubs, steam rooms, massage, yoga and many other wellness offerings for the “full lodge experience.”

Again...all included in the experience!

All-inclusive. Room, food, activities and memories to last a lifetime.

Your info will not be shared with any third party.